Recordings for Album "III"

Jimmy Olsson + Raimund Breitfeld Sailon : Recordings for Album III

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New Recordings

At Studio Chez Hozay - producing new songs for Album "III"

It´s been quite a while since the latest WORLD5 release. Stormy times. Lead singer Lou Evans having his 1st son, moving , Joe moving and all of us overshadowed by a worldwide crisis. But anyway ..WORLD5 is finally back to business, recording and producing new songs for the 3rd studio album. Able to pick from about 20 new songs we decided to start with one of Lou´s tracks "I Get It". The song will rock and and Joe is about to mix and produce the final touch.

Much much more to come very soon. We are all looking forward to presenting you the brand new music very soon. Cheers from Joe , Rai , Steffen, Lou and Jimmy!! #music #production #rockmusic #popmusic #musicislife

"“Be You” is everything you would want in a great song from rhyme or reason to heart & hope. The listener will pick up on lyrics like “You will persevere…Be the one your soul shines through”, which will make you feel so full & complete. This positive, loving message is just icing on the cake in what already is a dynamite song overall. “Be You” is a perfect blend of elements all coming together in harmonious fashion making the World 5 experience a highly desirable commodity. This single is one incredibly strong effort that should receive major recognition & airplay worldwide."" Check out WORLD5´s phantastic brand new single “Be You”, released March 8. on Spectra Records / Spectra Music Group. “Be You “ is an uplifting pop-rock song, powerful and produced in the typical style of WORLD5. The song´s story is about taking a broader aspect in life, for all of us, who at times, can forget how powerful our spirit truly is. The song is the first single from their upcoming third LP release, “3"  ”

Jimmy Rae, Skope Magazine



Best Pop-Rock song "Be You"