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WORLD5 Video Spotlight on Skope Magazine

Video Feature “I Get It”

World5 makes universal music for fans of catchy pop rock with a purpose. The band is very excited about the new video for “I Get It” AND the upcoming album.

“Watch one of the videos off of WORLD5´s brand new album release ‘3’ coming May 10, 2024. With 11 songs, the album showcases the band’s signature sound which blends elements of pop, rock, and soul and features the powerful and emotive vocals of lead singer Lou Evans. Join the band on their musical journey at,” said World 5.

Jimmy Rae of Skope Entertainment Inc. had this to say, “I Get It” supplies an impeccable sound overall along with potent lyrics. This music speaks to the soul and “I Get It” all the way! This song features a wonderful arrangement and words that speak volumes like “The only thing that is real is where we are right now.”

Great Review of the new album “3” by ViriAOR, Manuel Campos Ruíz.:

The information that accompanies this 3rd WORLD5 album, with a perfectly calligraphic logo, is as concise and simple as it is interesting and illustrative at the same time. Founding members Raimund Breitfeld Sailon (drums) and Steffen Goeres (guitars), along with Joe Gavito (guitars, keyboards, vocals and production) and the additions of Jimmy Olsson (bass) and Lou Evans (lead vocals), complete this new line up of a band with musicians distanced and dispersed around the globe. In fact, the cover represents that distant group reality and that World adequately, that musical and virtually physical union of 5 musicians in front of the immensity of our beautiful Planet.


Their previous albums were “Global experience” (2012) and “Heartbeat of the world” (2016). On May 10, Spectra Music Group will publish this album titled “III” that begins deliciously with “I get it”, the tambourine protagonist, in a whisper sung with delicacy and melodious vocalizations, gains ground and consolidates itself in musical greatness, this extremely sharp singer. Tommy Shaw level packed with sonic soul. Beautiful with the relevant acoustic and electric guitars, a wonderful duet shared with Jonna Sailon enters the scene with the re-recorded of their debut “You and I” together with the angelic and imposing fine voice of Lou Evans. It is Pop Rock with an octane Soul “Just another night”, the quality of Mike & the Mechanics prevails and you dismantle the ease of the Paul Carrack feeling, a shy and slow saxophone that is peaceful until you savor the blissful rhythmic tranquility of a jazzy exercise of well-deserved success commercial. These songs like “Cry for the Children” could be part of the list of wonderful compositions tempered by Richard Marx and Clif Magness or included in the enormous albums by Chicago, Michael Thompson Band, Generation Radio or Soleil Moon.

It contours and entangles in elements of international, commercial, exquisite, flamenco and deep turn like “Bellacita”, the bits of Latin Rock filter in guitars and tasty percussion calculated between the Maná accentuating his personality and the luxurious Santana more Pop. That line with warbles drawn by Soul and mixing Blues guitar with pop velvet continue to lean towards Latin American and Soft Rock in “Be you”. Lou Evans has religion in his racial expression like Glenn Hughes at low volume and without exaggeration, we pray for the human essence in “That Kind of guy” and it reminds me of female voices at Christmas, with precision sewing and raised hands like Jaime Kyle , Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Celine Dion or Lady Gaga. My things….

The electroacoustics dominate the panorama of WORLD5 and provide them with personality and quality, the rhythm section gives them therapy and the solo voice hovers over the “everything” exposed. As an example, the happy “That’s how she plays the game”. The general and simple proposal of melodies that are difficult to interpret is charming, they recreate brilliant sound elements of Eagles, Poco, Steely Dan, 10cc or Hall & Oates. “A moment in time” reminds me of RTZ by Brad Delp (RIP) and the adult Country Rock guitars are uplifting. “My life, my soul (Tamaras song)” has a 100% solo and instrumental intro and development. Another delicacy and demonstration of tasty musicality, a delicacy that arrives in 5 minutes to break the temporal rule of Pop and add virtuous contrast. They end with a loquacious dialogue between strings, percussion and relaxed vocals in “You are my why.” He can DJ like Peter Cetera, caress like Antonio Vega, breathe deeply like Richard Marx, smell like hot coffee like Paul Carrack, proudly display Jason Scheff’s last name or place front-line vocalists like Larry King, Billy Trudel, Glen Burtnik, Brett Walker, Lars Säfsund and on their website they mention Bobby Kimball, Jason Mraz and Brandon Boyle. You will love the sincere accentuations seeking to know the “why” to decipher it with human and musical tenderness. There is nothing more to say or add praise about the refined and immense songs of this magnificent “III” by WORLD5.

I love how they call this pleasant album…”Pop Rock with a global influence”, and they also stylistically describe each song specifying and differentiating them between…”Pop Rock”, “Soft Rock”, “Ballad” or “Adult Contemporary”. This fact, which facilitates and guides the orientation of this calm review without any type of objection or embarrassment on my part. Also, for curious completists, I recommend going back and searching ViriAor to read Rocky’s review of his previous album from 2016. WORLD5 create songs that do not exceed 4 minutes in length but tend to leave you with a deep feeling of extensive and lasting music.

The David Bowers Awards with Lou Evans

Presenting the new WORLD5 album "III"

WORLD5´s lead singer Lou Evans, presenting the new album "III" on The David Bowers Awards 

World 5 ‘III’ Has Arrived  (Skope Magazine Review)

by Magazine • 


World5 is a talented group of musicians that offers “pop rock with a global influence”. The result is fantastic with a style that entices the audience with its mass appeal. World5 has just released a new album titled ‘III’. This is a highly anticipated album release that also features 11 standout videos to accompany the songs. Get ready to immerse yourself in a World filled with catchy elements, satisfying melodies and meaningful messages.

The record kicks off with a track titled “I Get It” that supplies an impeccable sound overall along with potent lyrics. This music speaks to the soul and “I Get It” all the way! This song features a wonderful arrangement and words that speak volumes like “The only thing that is real is where we are right now”. Next, we have “You And I (Duo with Jonna Sailon)” that can best be described as a star-studded performance! World 5 is standing strong here and delivering forever promises & smiles to “You And I”. Track three, “Just Another Night”, is a reflective piece that is both sensuous and vulnerable in nature. It is here where questions arise and true feelings grow uncontrollably for “Just Another Night”. I’d like to add that I really enjoyed the sexy sax sound on “Just Another Night” and as a former alto sax player myself I truly connected with this element.

Be sure to SKOPE out the official music video for “Just Another Night” right here:


Moving along, we hear “Cry For The Children” next that is very emotional and also provides an inviting melody with lyrics that hit you inside. This song has a BIG impact on the listener as one just may “Cry For The Children”. Track five, “Bellacita”, offers a seductive yet sensitive touch to go along with a spicy rhythm. Come dance along with “Bellacita” where you will receive enriching instrumentation and bright chords. On the following song, prepare to “Be You” each and every day. With music that makes you think, “Be You” provides the perfect soundtrack to life. People will move forward with the utmost confidence while listening to “Be You” as this song displays an audible purity that can’t be denied. This turns out to be one motivational & inspirational piece where you will want to just “Be You” and put your best foot forward. Jump into a free-spirited tune next on “That Kind Of Guy” as you roam through these wild times. It’s time to take the wheel and steer into the unknown with “That Kind Of Guy”. Track 8, “That’s How She Plays The Game”, incorporates a strong ‘n’ steady pace that wins the race. She is the Queen with an Ace of Hearts up her sleeve because “That’s How She Plays The Game”. Time is certainly ticking away, so why not stop for a second and just enjoy “A Moment In Time” where “love and hope intertwine”. “A Moment In Time” fully satisfies the soul and quenches your musical thirst from beginning to end. Get ready to take the plunge and make a splash as you catch a cool wave of musical bliss on “My Life My Soul (Tamara’s Song)”. Soak up all of the refreshing notes as “My Life My Soul (Tamara’s Song)” proves to be a super enjoyable listening experience. World closes out the 11-song set with a comforting and caring message on “You Are My Why”. This song fills your ears with golden melodies and your heart with pure joy. I immediately thought of my beautiful wife on “You Are My Why”, so thank you for that World 5 and thank you for reminding me that my wife is my everything.

"World5 ‘III’ is well-written with heartfelt material along with fun, bouncy notes
proving to have a little something for everyone.

World5 should be very proud of their efforts on this album because it speaks to a large audience and unites US as ONE. It is said that music is the universal language and World 5 makes that quite apparent on the new release with its uniting sound. I applaud you World5 on a job well done and try to picture me giving you a standing O because that’s what this project deserves. ‘III’ is excellent work with a mix of songs that have true purpose and connect with people from all over the World."

By Jimmy Rae   #newalbum #newmusic #musicrelease #review

Jimmy Olsson + Raimund Breitfeld Sailon : Recordings for Album III