1. Footprints

From the recording Heartbeat Of The World (Album)

Music: Pat Hunt, Lyrics: Kerryl Ann Frank


Another day has gone
The sun fades into the ocean
And as the darkness comes
The memories overwhelm me
When others broke my heart
You mended all the pieces
A love that never failed
Like a kiss that never ceases
Side by side creating footprints in the sand

When troubles crashed like waves
Testing our foundation
You gave me strength that built my faith
So I would not be shaken
Like the moon that pulls the tide
I feel You draw me closer
You wiped away the tears I cried
Replacing them with laughter
But now there’s only one set of footprints in the sand

There are times
When I feel I can’t stand
I feel you lift me up
Right into Your arms
And looking back
The imprint remains
Your love carried me
It carried me

When I gaze upon the sea
And look toward the horizon
Thinking of Your love for me
That extends beyond the ocean
I’d turn back time to those days
If history could be altered
But your footprints fade away
Reclaimed by gentle waters
And now there’s only one set of footprints
There’s only one set of footprints
Walking alone creating footprints in the sand